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Solar-Tite takes great pride in helping customers find the right types and styles of windows for their homes. We have prepared these descriptions to help you decide what types and styles are best for you.

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Windows can be either operational, meaning they open, or fixed, meaning they do not open. Below are examples of the window types.

Operational Windows

Window AwningAwning Windows
- awning windows are hinged on the top of the window and project out at the bottom. The advantage to awning windows is that you can open them during a light rain reducing the possibilty of water entering your home.


Casement Window TypeCasement Windows - casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward to allow maximum ventilation into your home. These windows crank open rather than slide up and down or left and right.



Double Hung Window TypeDouble Hung Windows - double hung windows are chosen for their style and ease of use. Double hung windows can be opened from the top and the bottom, moving up and or down.



Gliding Windows - gliding windows can be easier to open than typical crank out windows. This type of window is perfect for people who want the easiest window to open and close. 


Jalousie WindowsJalousie Windows - made of glass slats set in metal clips that can be opened and closed altogether, this type of window (sometimes called "louvered" window) is made like a glass shutter. You can open this window as much as you like to allow as much light and air in as you want.


Double Hung Window TypeSingle Hung Windows - single hung windows are chosen for their style, ease of use and affordability. They can be opened from the bottom, moving up and are the most common windows found in homes today.



Fixed Windows

Bay WindowsBay Windows
- used with a non-operational picture window as the center window and two side windows that do open, bay windows provide an open feeling as well as ventilation. 



Bow Windows - similar to bay windows, bow windows provide a feeling of more space in your home. Bow windows are made from multiple windows, at least four, to provide a curve to the window design. You can use picture windows or operational windows in the design.

Glass Block WindowsGlass Block - these fixed window blocks allow light into your home, but no ventilation. They are often times used in the home's interior such as in bathrooms but can also be used in the home's exterior. From translucent to clear, glass block can provide varying degrees of privacy as well.


Picture WindowsPicture Windows - picture windows cannot be opened but provide unobstructed views in areas where you don't need or want any ventilation. Picture windows can be used with other windows that open to have the best of both types in your home.