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Windows are beautiful - they let sunlight and breeze come into our homes;  protect us from the harsh elements; can even help reduce our energy bills. Solar-Tite is providing this detailed glossary to help you understand all the different terms that go along with windows.

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Argon Gas - This odorless, colorless gas is inserted between panes of glass on insulated units for insulation and increases a window's energy efficiency by reducing conductive heat transfer.

Awning Window - This type of window swings out from the bottom and away from a building.

Bay Window - A three-unit window with a center piece flanked by two side panels that are usually angled at 30 or 45 degrees.

Bow Window - A combination of windows composed of four or more units, which are aligned in a smooth curving contour.

Casement Window - A window that swings open from the side, hinging at the top and bottom of the frame.  

Double Hung Window - Consists of top and bottom vertically sliding sashes in a single frame. 

Emissivity - The relative ability of a surface to radiate heat.

Frame - The outer components of a window or door unit, consisting of a head jamb, side jambs, blind stops and window sills, as applies.  

Fusion Welded - A process of melting two or more items together (i.e., a window sash and frame) via welding.  

Geometric Window - Specialty window made to fit a variety of shapes, such as gothic,  half circle, eyebrow arch, quater circle, full circle. 

Glazing - 1) Act of fitting a window or door frame with glass. 2) Installing glass into a window or door frame.  

Glazing Bead - A long, thin piece of molded  aluminum, vinyl, wood, metal, or plastic  used to secure glass to the frame of a window.

Hermetically Sealed - An airtight seal.

Huricane Resistent Windows - see laminating.

Impact Glass - see laminating.

Insulating Glass - Comprised of two or more pieces of glazing (glass) separated by hermetically sealed airspace for improved thermal efficiency.

Laminating - Method of bonding two or more layers of glass together using heat and pressure, with inner layers of transparent plastic. This process provides one of the best avenues of blocking ultraviolet rays. Provides security and protection from windborn debris.

Low E- A term meaning low "emissity". Emissitivy is a property that's unique to materials such as glass, which light can freely pass through. Low describes the filtering out of the part of the light spectrum that transmits heat.

Low E Glass - Glass with a microscopic coating applied to one or more surfaces to provide greater energy efficiency and UV protection that helps reduce the fading of artwork, curtains, furniture, rugs and floors in a home.

Mulled - To join two windows or doors together, side by side; or one above the other.

Nailing Fin (Flange) - A strip of sheet material either integral or fastened to a unit's frame, creating a nailing flange. This is a common method to install new construction windows and doors in frame construction.

NCTL Validated - National Certified Testing Labs (NCTL) is an organization that performs standardized tests on windows to ensure proper quality control levels. 

NFRC Rating - The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a non-profit group comprised of manufacturers, builders, designers, government officials, utilities and consumers working together to provide unbiased energy performance ratings for windows, doors and skylights (fenestrations).  

Picture Window - A large, fixed or stationary window designed to provide a maximum viewing area without obstructions. 

R Value - Measure of a window's overall resistance to heat transmission from different air temperatures on either side of the glass. R Value is the inverse of U Value.

Sash - A wood/vinyl perimeter to support the glass of a window, holding it separately from the frame and allowing some independent movement from the frame. 

SHGC (Solar Hear Gain Coefficient) - Is a measure of how much of the sun's heat is transmitted through windows, expressed in a number from zero to one. A window that has a SHGC of .3 will allow 30 percent of the sun's heat to pass through. Whether you want a higher or lower number will depend on your goal: A product with a low SHGC will help to block heat and reduce cooling loads in hot weather; a product with a high SHGC will be more effective at harnessing solar heat in cold weather.

Single Hung Window - A window system with only one glass unit movable in the window pane. 

Slider Window - A window that opens horizontally. 

Tempered Glass - Plate glass with increased strength due to a special heat-treatment for greater strength as a safety glass. 

Thermal Performance - A window's ability to act as a barrier to the transfer of heat. 

Thermo-Edge Spacer - A system where protected insulated glass creates increased temperatures along the window's edges and therefore reduces the potential for condensation on the glass surface. 

Transom - An fixed window unit for specific use above a door or window. 

U-Value (U-Factor) - A measurement of the insulating quality of the window or door. U-value is used to determine how well the window or door stops the flow of heat into an air-conditioned home or out of a heated home. The U-factor is based on the temperature difference between the inside and outside, and does not include the energy passed by sunlight (see SHCC). The lower the U-fator, the better.

Weatherstripping - Material used to provide a weather-tight seal between a window/door sash or frame.