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Solar-Tite takes great pride in helping customers find the right types and styles of doors for their homes. Since doors come in various types and styles, we have prepared these descriptions to help you determine what doors you are looking for.

Doors can be either swinging, meaning they open by swinging into the house or out towards the patio or lanai; or sliding, meaning they open by sliding across a track. All doors can have windows or be solid with no glass panels.Below are examples of the door types.

Swinging (Hinged) Doors

Both single and double hinged doors can swing into the house (typical of your front-entry door) or swing out from your house (typical for patio doors or secondary doors).

Single Hinged Doors
Single hinged doors
-  are hinged along one side to allow the door to pivot away from the doorway in one direction but not the other. The axis of rotation is usually vertical. In some cases, such as hinged garage doors they are horizontal, above the door opening.
Double hinged doors- can be hinged on the jams and they open either inwards or outwards.
Center hinged doors - are double doors where they hinge is at the center, and the door that opens can operate either inwards or outwards.

Sliding (Gliding) Doors

There are three types of sliding doors, bypass and pocket. Some sliding doors are made with lighter materials on smoother tracks. These are refered to as gliding doors because they move more freely than typical sliding doors.
Bypass doors (traditional)- have 2-4 track doors that "stack" behind each other.
Pocket doors- are called pocket because they are hidden in a "pocket". The panels slide into the wall so they are hidden behind the adjacent wall when opened.They sometimes have openings cut directly into the panels so they close into themselves. 
French sliding doors- have two operating panels that slide from side to side.





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