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Whether you're choosing doors for your new home or planning to replace your existing doors, you've probably found that there's an overwhelming number of door materials out there. We're pleased to offer this resource to help you get up to speed, so you can proceed from a more informed perspective when you're discussing your project with building professionals.

Swinging / Hinged

-  is used commonly in storefronts and for commercial use. It also has specific residential applications

Steel- industry has moved away from wood doors to steel because they offer improved security and maintenance.

Fiberglass - are durable and energy efficient. They can be smooth or textured (wood grained); painted or stained textured doors look like real wood.

Vinyl - low maintenance and energy efficient. Vinyl is not as popular as fiberglass.

Wood - has many options available. They can be wood, aluminium-clad, or vinyl-clad. The most beautiful and elegant option available is adding different species of hardwood. Having them aluminium or vinyl clad reduces maintenance and protects your investment.

Sliding Doors

- is great for sliding doors. It is durable and has a lot of configuration options.

Vinyl - is more energy efficient than aluminium and needs minimum maintenance, but is restricted in configuration.

Wood -  is commonly used in french-style sliding doors. Has the same multiple options you would find with hinged doors.