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Doors provide safety and security, but they also make a statement about your home. To make your home improvement job painless and affordable, Solar-Tite provides the most common terms for doors below.

Air infiltration
- The amount of air leakage through a window; the lower the number the better. Standard for measurement is ASTM-E283.

Astragal - The vertical member of a multi-panel door, which is attached to the fixed or inactive door or panel and receives the active or operating door or panel.

Box screen - A heavy duty sliding glass door screen frame that simulates the actual glass panels. It is typically similar in size and shape of the glass door panels.

Buck - Material used to frame an opening for attachment of the door frame.

Buck dimension - Measurement of the door from outside jam to outside jam.

Buck opening - The measurement of the opening with the buck strips installed and ready for door installation.

Bug sweep - A flexible rubber seal that is mounted to an extrusion and attaches to the bottom of the cabana door to keep out insects and air from passing underneath.

Cabana door - A swing type door with several window insert options and uses a z-bar extrusion outer frame. Commonly used in sunrooms.

Colonial configuration - Door style in which vents or panels are divided into small sections (lites) by adding muntins.

Fixed panel - An inoperable panel of a sliding glass door.

Frame - The enclosure in which door panels are mounted.

Glazing - Glass or other material that is placed into a door frame, or the process of installing this material.

Inswing - A term used on doors that swing into the interior of the home.

Keeper - Device into which a patio door locking latch hooks for positive closure of sash or panel.

Kickplate - Applied to one or both sides of a door's bottom rail, this thin, polished metal plate is used to prevent denting and soiling of the wood surface.

Main frame - The head, sill and jambs section of a door.

Modular - Standard door sizes given in feet and inches.

Muntin - A decorative lineal that can be applied to the exterior, interior, and in between panes or glass to simulate a true divided lite door

Nailing fin/ nail fin - An integrl extension of a door frame which generally laps over the conventional stud construction and through which nails or screws are used to secure the frame in place.
"O" - Indicates a fixed section of a door (O, OX, XO, XOX).
Outswing - A term used on doors tha swing to the outside or exterior of the home. 
Patio door - A secondary door, not the primary door.
Pocket door - Sliding glass door that when opened slides clear of the opening.
Raised muntin - A decorative lineal that can be applied to the exterior, interior, and in between panes of glass to simulate a true divided lite on a door.
Retrofit - Door replacement, change out, or remodel
Rough opening - An unfinished opening in a frame or block wall, sized to accept the frame of a door.
Shims - Small pieces of material used to secure the door unit in the rough or masonry opening in a square, level and plumb position during and after installation.
Sidelite - Fixed units mulled or joined to the side or a door to give a more open appearance.
Single glazing - Single thickness of glass in door.
Slide bolt - Hardware placed in the stiles of a French door to secure the inactive door to the header and threshold. Also known as the throw bolt.
Sliding glass door - A door fitted with one or more panels that move horizontally.
Swing - The term used with swing doors (French door) in regards to which way the door opens or swings (out or in).
Tandem - Dual wheels inline and in the same mechanism. Used in sliding glass doors.
Threshold - The member that lies at the bottom of a sliding glass door or swinging door; the sill of a doorway.
U-value (U-factor) - A measurement of the insulating quality of the door. U-factor is used to determine how well the door stops the flow of heat into air-conditioned home or out of a heated home. The U-factor is based on the temperature difference between the inside and outside, and does not include the energy passed by sunlight (see SHGC). The lower the U-factor, the better.
Vinyl - A rigid or flexible material made of poly vinyl chloride material used in door frames and glazing.
Visible Light Transmittance (VT) - The fraction of visible light from the outside that passes through the window or door into the home. VT is used to determine how bright the inside room will be from natural daylight passing through the door: the lower the VT, the darker the room.
Weatherstripping - A material or device used to seal the openings, gaps or cracks of venting door units to prevent water and air infiltration.
Weep hole - A small opening in a door member through which water may drain to the building exterior.
"X" - Indicates a operable panel or sash in a door (X, XO, OX, XOX).

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